Little Busters Noumi Kudryavka

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Kudryavka, also known as “Kud” for short, is a girl who is a quarter Japanese, and three-quarters Russian. Her grandmother is Japanese. Her grandfather was crazy about Japanese culture and per his influence on her, she came to know much about Japanese culture too, including the language. Despite having a poor handle on the English language, she was able to skip a year in school due to credits obtained through studying abroad. She is Riki’s classmate and is in the newly formed home economics club due to an invitation of the head of the dormitory she lives at with the other characters. Kudryavka and the dormitory head are the only two members, and since the latter is often too busy, club activities are suspended and Kudryavka is the sole active member of a club on the verge of being disbanded. Before joining the home economics club, Kudryavka had been a member of the furniture club until it was disbanded.

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Grownups,> 14 Years old

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Little Busters, Ritoru Basutāzu

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